Kevin Kacmar – Marketing Strategist
Kevin has deep technical knowledge and a strategic marketing mindset.  He currently leads all marketing strategy for our online campaigns.

He started his career at Accenture and developed technology solutions to help his clients manage and analyze huge amounts of data.

He paused his fast climbing career to pursue his dream of professional golf, doing better than he anticipated and earning a sponsorship by Mizuno.

Realizing that golf was becoming more like a job than a passion, he returned to Cleveland and directed a team of quantitative marketing analysts at American Greetings Corp.

He realized there was a huge opportunity to apply his unique blend of skills to internet marketing by combining the traditional marketing foundation with the ability to manage and analyze huge amounts of data to develop precise and accurate internet marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Jeff Musa – Internet Marketing Engineer

Jeff is multidimensional and passionate about internet marketing.  He is the lead engineer for all of our client web marketing campaigns.

He graduated with a dual degree in Mathematics & Physics and a 4.0 GPA.  Loving data, he began his professional career at American Greetings Corp. and quickly learned data analysis and quantitative marketing.

He then learned internet marketing at one of the largest Midwestern interactive marketing agencies in the U.S. and worked on complex accounts such as Nationwide Auto Insurance and Campmor.

He found that his skill-set and interests are a perfect match for internet marketing.  Seeing its increasingly data-centric future, he started Creative Numeric with his trusted friend Kevin to deliver the great results clients desired.