Pay-per-Click Advertisements

With paid advertisements, you will decide how much you want to spend, and we ensure your marketing budget is spent on visitors that are relevant to your business.

We manage campaigns to advertise your business through paid online ads on many sites such as Google Search, Yahoo Search, Microsoft's Bing Search, LinkedIn, & Facebook.

With these online ad platforms, we can target:
  • Specific geographic location
  • Certain days of the week, or time of day
  • Particular search engine queries
  • Demographics
We'll craft the right mix of online ad platforms with...

Paid Search Marketing - Run paid advertisements on search engines for business related queries.

Online Display Advertisements - Run text or image ads on targeted sites such as blogs & online magazines.

Comparison Shopping Engines - Get your retail products listed on sites customers use to compare prices and buy.

Organic Search Listings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing websites to improve their organic (free) rankings on search engines such as Google.   

Prominent listings create incredible value by generating one of the highest amounts of relevant internet traffic possible at little to no cost.

Our SEO services improve your rankings on listings for keywords important to your business so that potential customers can easily find you.

Website Analytics & 
Conversion Optimization

Web Analytics seeks to answer common questions such as:
  • Where do visitors come from?  How many are there?

  • Do visitors engage the website's purposes?  How often?  Which traffic source is the best?  What days or times are the best?

  • If they do not engage the website's purposes, why?  Where is the weakest link, and how can it be improved?