Grow your business with successful online advertising campaigns.

Creative Numeric is a small firm of digital marketing engineers.  We are experienced marketing professionals and applied mathematicians who fuse marketing creativity with analytical optimization to create internet marketing campaigns that:

Target the Right Audience at the Right Moment

using the Right Message for the Right Cost

We will expertly engineer and manage your digital advertising campaigns and connect you to more customers through ads in ...

  • search results in Google, Yahoo, & Bing
  • social networking sites like Facebook & LinkedIn
  • content sites such as newspapers, magazines, & blogs

Let's setup up a chat where you can tell us about your business so we can craft your custom online advertising strategy that will set the foundation for success.

We know you will feel absolutely confident that...

  • You are one of a few great clients, not client #53.
  • Our deep marketing experience creates strong strategies.
  • We are loyal, dedicated, and with you for the long haul.
  • Your success fuels our motivation for long hours & deep thought.
  • We are truly honest consultants that can help you grow your business!