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Our Services

Search Engine Optimization Improve your free listings generated by search engine algorithms        

Run paid advertisements on the search engines for all your business keywords

Comparison Shopping Engines - List your retail products on sites customers use to compare prices

Data about your website's visitors to improve usability and track campaigns

Cleveland, Ohio Pay Per Click, Paid Search Marketing

Cleveland, Ohio Paid Search Consultants

Internet Marketing

Efficiently Routing Customers to Your Business

Billions of Sites

Both your website and ours are currently one of billions of ever increasing sites. 

Communicating your company’s message across the great vastness of the internet is the most difficult challenge that exists in today’s business environment.  

Online marketing must be done for any company to survive well into the future since customers use the internet to find businesses to meet all of their needs.   

Data Changes Everything

Online marketing is digital, data-centric, and measurable. 

Internet traffic flows from site to site like electricity flowing through a circuit or nerve impulses in the brain.  Marketers must locate the desired customer traffic and "engineer" profitable routes to a website by the appropriate methods, differing greatly by industry.

Web analytic tools provide actionable intelligence on your website response and online marketing campaign performance and are vital to engineering a profitable campaign.

The new masters of marketing are Creative Numeric's team of gifted internet marketing engineers with a creative and mathematical mind. 

Web Marketing Services for Small Businesses

We offer a full suite of internet marketing services to give you the right option for your specific goals. 

Even experts in the industry can get overwhelmed by the complexity of options for online marketing.  We hope you won't feel discouraged to talk with us as a short phone call is probably more productive than any other kind of investigation for these services.