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Paid Search Marketing:


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Paid Search Marketing 

Deceptively Simple, Do it Right or Lose Money Fast

Deciding to use paid search listings to market your company is easy.  Building a profitable paid search campaign and constantly maintaining it is not.  The Paid Search Specialists at Creative Numeric make it appear effortless through our sheer intellectual ability and experience in applying a rigorous, disciplined approach. 

1.  Establish Your Goals

Every company has different products, different values, and different customers.  Only you are the expert of your company.  You may just want to establish brand identity, you may specifically want a certain ROI on your ad spend, or perhaps you need to unload a large amount of inventory of specific products after a holiday.  We work with you to encompass your insights into our PPC expertise to identify and translate your business goals into a Paid Search Campaign. 

2.  Customize Your Campaign Strategy

Knowing your goals, we now apply best practices to develop a successful strategy to reach your customers.  It all begins with the buying cycle.  

  • How do customers search for your products or services? 
  • What type of customer are they, what information are they gathering? 
  • How committed are they to act right now? 
  • When does a searcher become a buyer? 

Moreover, we identify all advanced tactics to reach your customers.  

  • Do they only buy during certain time periods such as specific days, weeks, or months?  We use day-parting.  
  • Are they geographically concentrated?  We use geo-targeting.  
  • Do they speak a specific language? We use language targeting.  

Whatever the circumstances may be, we devise a strategy to find them.

3.  Construct Your Campaign

The focus is then on keyword research and finding all phrases that will allow your customers to reach you.  We seek to cast as wide a net as possible to account for every path a searcher might travel to find you.  Keywords get grouped into ad groups, and we create effective ad copy to reach out to your audience and qualify your clicks to provide maximum ROI.  Ad Groups get grouped into campaigns and we work together to set up initial budgets for each campaign.

4.  Implement Your Conversion Tracking Analytics

To gauge the campaign’s effectiveness, conversion tracking analytics is installed on your site.  These tools will provide data on how many conversions (i.e. purchases, signups, form submissions, etc.) are taking place and what specifically is driving them.  There is a variety of solutions to use, ranging from Google’s free Analytics tool, to more expensive and robust ones like Web Trends.  We have experience in all major web analytic and conversion tracking tools and will help you choose the right one.

5.  Manage Your Campaign

We combine tracking analytic data with the search engine data into our own unified database tool.  In PPC, data drives everything and our tool efficiently analyzes and calculates bids based on all available data, such as historical trending and predictive modeling.  Moreover, it allows us to provide you up-to-date reporting that keeps you informed of all the major insights to your campaign.

6.  Prevent Click Fraud

Fraudulent clicks are a problem the search engines are constantly battling.  We augment the engines’ tools with our own fraud detection protocols to ensure you ALWAYS get valid traffic from your ads.  When we do notice fraud, we alert the engines who will provide you a fast and honest reimbursement for all fraudulent activity. 

7.  Maintain Constant Vigilance

The paid search marketplace is fast and dynamic just like the stock market.  As such, our paid search specialists are incredibly vigilant in providing you with superior returns by constantly monitoring trends and the competition to exploit weaknesses.  We believe every searcher is your customer; we just need to reach them before they mistakenly visit your competitor.